Channel Logo

A drawing of Nano Shinonome from nichijou (My ordinary life) and the channel logo.

Channel Banner

Channel banner, a drawing of The End of Evangelion.

Thumbnail of the l4d2 video.

Megumin, Doom Slayer & The persona guy find Jimmy Gibbs Jr's car in a abandoned mall.

Thumbnail of the l4d2 Dark Carnival video.

Shrek & his fellow Zombies hold a concert, that might be interrupted by a group of idiots.

Thumbnail of the Channel Trailer video.

A drawing depicting the channel perfectly.

Thumbnail of the Smash Legends video.

A furry & Ravi bully Alice robbing her kills, while she does a only a spoonfull reference.

Thumbnail of the Cuphead video.

Cuphead & Mugman speedrun the 1st island like Giga-Chads.

Thumbnail of the Roblox video.

Euri Dei am chafelin.